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What are the benefits of conciliation?


It is free of charge
All we ask of people is that they take time to prepare and are willing to travel where necessary.

It takes less time than court
On average, cases take eight weeks to go through the conciliation process. Some cases are fast-tracked and these can take as little as little as four weeks to complete.

It is a confidential process
Only the Disability Rights Commission will know when cases are referred to the DCS. Cases only go public when both parties agree.

Conciliation enables negotiated outcomes between the parties
Negotiated outcomes are more likely to work in the best interests of both parties than imposed decisions, especially when preserving relationships is an important factor in the case.

“We were very impressed with the approach of the Conciliator, who made every effort to broker a mutually agreeable solution”

    A respondent

It is an opportunity to avoid Court or tribunal
Some cases benefit from the ruling of a judge. However, many DDA disputes can be successfully resolved by getting people together to talk about the case issues and exchange ideas and opinions. The court process can take a long time and involves expense for both parties. 

It leads to real social change
Service providers who lose in court need only make the changes that the court specifies. Service providers who engage in conciliation often make real and lasting changes to their policies and practices across all their activities. Many previously un-thought of solutions emerge from these meetings. In some cases, the Complainant has gone on to play a part in the future development of the service provision to disabled people.

“I am satisfied the shop owners have taken appropriate steps to make the shop accessible. We came up with other  improvements too”

                                             A Complainant